Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Tracy Brennan of Trace Literary Agency

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 5.27.10 PM.png[SOLD OUT OF PITCH APPOINTMENTS]

Tracy Brennan is a literary agent with Trace Literary Agency.

In fiction, she seeks women’s fiction, chick lit, psychological thriller, crime, commercial mainstream fiction, literary fiction, mystery, historical, suspense, and romance. In nonfiction, she seeks business, communications, health and wellness, history, politics, and true crime.

The agency began by introducing Irish authors to the US market, but now seeks to hear from writers everywhere. Over the past ten years the agency has earned a reputation for finding and launching new writers from Ireland, the UK and the US, placing them with Harper Collins, Harper Impulse, Skyhorse, Poolbeg, Parthian & Endeavour Press.

“We represent leading writers and experts in many fields covering a wide range of genres. We are committed to negotiate the best deals for our authors,  dedicated in helping them through all stages of publishing on their journey to become bestsellers.”


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